Eye-Cept® moistens and clears your soft contact Lenses
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Benefits of Eye-Cept®

Healthier, Hygienic Rewetting Drops

Optics Laboratory, Inc. has developed Eye-Cept® Rewetting Drops, preservative-free drops, packaged in hygienic, single-use vials which eliminate traditional concerns with multi-dose eye drops. With its pure formula, Eye-Cept® offers safe, long-lasting comfort and contributes to a healthier contact lens fit over long hours of wear. Millions of soft contact lens wearers now have an alternative for safer and more comfortable eye care with Eye-Cept® Rewetting Drops.

Eye-Cept® Rewetting Drops contain no thimerosal, mercury-containing ingredients, chlorhexidine or
other preservatives.

Developed for today's health-conscious lens wearers

Eye-Cept® drops are packaged in sterile vials which are used once and then discarded. One set of Eye-Cept® vials conveniently fits in a briefcase or purse, so wearers are more likely to use the drops as recommended.

Eye-Cept® single-use vials eliminate exposure to the disease-causing bacteria which quickly accumulates on the tips of conventional eye drop bottles and can lead to eye infections.

While eye care professionals generally recommend soft contact lens wearers use drops to help maintain the eyes' natural moisture, they are also aware of potential problems with conventional products. Most rewetting drops contain preservatives which can trigger a chemical or allergic reaction. Eye-Cept® is formulated with a pure, preservative-free formula which will not irritate even sensitive eyes.

Additionally, the tip on conventional bottles is contaminated with bacteria each time it is used, and is a concern as drops are reused hundreds of times over a month. The bacteria buildup can cause an infection if the tip accidentally comes in contact with the eye area. Eye-Cept® drops are packaged in sterile vials which are used one time then discarded, avoiding exposure to contaminated bottles.