Eye-Cept® moistens and clears your soft contact Lenses

Eye-Cept® - soft contact lenses rewetting drops

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Moisten and clears your soft contact lenses with Eye-Cept® Rewetting Drops

Eye-Cept® Rewetting Drops are for use with daily wear and extended wear soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses. It refreshes eyes, moistens lenses and helps remove particles which can cause irritation and discomfort.

Use Eye-Cept® Rewetting Drops throughout the day as needed to hydrate your lenses or relieve minor irritation or discomfort.

Ensures daily comfort to users of soft contact lenses,
Projects against irritation and infection

  • Preservative Free formula to avoid possible irritation
  • Safe to use daily to rehydrate dry lenses
  • Relieves minor irritation or discomfort associated with lens wear
  • Single-use dropper for convenient carry and use at home, play or at work

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